Writin' for the Brand

Tales of the Ranch

Harold Schafer, Mr. Bubble and the Legacy of Medora

He was skeptical at first, but after a night of cleaning everything in his hotel room with a sample bottle he woke the supplier up in the middle of the night and ordered two boxcars full. … “My obligation today is to see that Medora’s greatness can be carried on after my lifetime, that it’s future can be even better than it’s past”. Clearly Harold’s dream was realized and his goals are still being met today. What a great legacy Medora continues to be for Mr. Bubble.

Biography of George W. Nohle

The Link children told the story about when Nohle’s cattle would get through the fences and out of one of his sections. They would chase the animals back in and then ride over to the Nohle ranch to report it. For their trouble they would earn a “shiny half dollar” which was a considerable reward in those days.

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