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  • Joyce Brown

    Great articles and photos! I didn’t realize that Little Yellowjacket was from North Dakota! Was he raised by your family?

    • Mary

      No, I was writing articles for a publication that the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame put out last year. (They had a year of publishing their Cowboy Chronicle in the Dickinson paper.) So, I tried to write a variety of articles keeping in mind the hall’s range. The only article on the web not yet published is the railroad one but I think that will be in the August edition of the chronicle. (but its just going to be an in house publication)

      I enjoy writing these articles. Did you see the one about the museum? I would love to see my website and articles out there more so use the museum article if you want and let people know. ( I probably need to do an update on the museum article with website and FB etc. maybe add to it about you there as curator etc. )

      I will get those papers copied and sent to you sometime this week

      Mary Pat

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